Observing the world of renewable energy and sustainable living

Disappearing World

Picture showing excesses from the heigh days of the oil age. Laugh at it while you still have bread on the table and irony is a luxury item you still can afford.

[Source pic]
This is how a loser will look like in the coming few years, you can recognize him by his car. Forced to pay 250$ for a fill at the pump while his SUV clunker is by no means paid-off yet. Selling is no option other than by the kilo to a scrap metal dealer, as nobody likes to buy a wallet with a hole in it. Before the driver finally decides to take his losses and drive to the junk-yard, he might consider taking out the seats first, to give to his daughter as a wedding present, so the newly wed couple has something to sit on while watching the nine o’clock news, learning that gas price has risen to 25$/gallon. George Bush was right when he said that the ‘American way of life was non-negotiable’. There will be no negotiations indeed. Mother Nature will simply pull the plug. The Gods are bored with America, with the West, with globalism. They want new drama. They are going to get it.


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