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Telekom moves into energy market

Resource depletion might be bad news for consumers, but that does not mean that there aren’t opportunities for companies in the energy market. On the contrary. Deutsche Telekom was already able to deliver kilobytes to your mobile phone, now it plans to deliver kilojoules to your doorstep as well. Telekom suffers from declining income from its phone devision so it is now looking for different fields to operate in. The envisioned solution is Kraft-Wärme-Kopplung or cogeneration in english. This is in line with the ambition of the German government to achieve a market share of this energy saving technology of 25% in 2020. The idea is to build small heat and electrical power generators on community level. These generators could be owned by either municipalities or consumer groups. Surplus energy is to be delivered to the (smart) grid.

[Telekom – The energy industry and ICT are converging]
[Telekom – ICT sector in the energy market]
[Bundesregierung – Mehr Strom durch Kraft-Wärme-Kopplung]


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