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Solar Revolution in Germany

Some impressive stats illustrating the quiet renewable energy revolution taking place in Germany. On March 26 (early spring!), this year, Germany had a peak electric power production of 17 GW, compared to 47 GW conventional power generation.

From this source we have the following interesting observations concerning Germany:

As of sometime in the first half of 2011, Germany has had over 20% of its electricity supply coming from renewable energy sources.
By 2011, its installed solar photovoltaics capacity was 25 GW.
In the U.S., cumulative PV capacity nearly hit 4 GW last year.
Solar power peaked at 40% of power demand in Germany last summer.
In the U.S., solar peaked at 0.5% of electricity demand last summer.
In other words, as stated in the title of this piece, compared to peak electricity demand, Germany has 80 times more solar PV on the grid.

[Click to enlarge][Source pic]
This graph shows that Germany could be relatively independent by 2020 as far as its electricity generation capability is concerned.

Meanwhile Germany’s solar industry employes more people (100,000) than the US steel industry. [Source]

Germany installed an impressive 7.5 GW of solar capacity in 2011 alone. [Source]

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