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10 Green Projects That Just Might Save The World

We would never choose such a title by ourselves, nevertheless, every now and then we are tempted to through in some good news to avoid despair over the energy situation. Here is a blog that lists 10 of the more impressive renewable energy projects going on all over the globe, many in the planning stage though. Here is a list of the projects as well as the core stats:
1. Qaidam Basin PV, China – a whopping 1 Gigawatt photovoltaic power plant (90 GW on coal in 2006)
2. Markbygden, Sweden – 1,101 turbines, world’s largest windfarm in 2020. €5-billion, 12TWh/year. Needs approval.
3. Three Gorges Project, China – world’s largest hydropower project. 22,5GW.
4. Acciona Amareleja (Moura) PV plant, Portugal – Completed, 45 MW, 93 million KWh per year, enough for 30,000 Portuguese households.
5. Siadar Wave Energy Project, Hebrides – 4 MW wave power, 1800 households. Scotland has plans to produce 5.5GW renewable in the future.
6. Leyte Geothermal Field, Philippines – 708 MW. The Philipines has 5 more geothermal plants producing 28% of the country’s electricity.
7. Topaz Solar Farm, San Luis Obispo County, California – 550 MW PV solar in 2012, enough for 190,000 homes. Target: 3,600 MW. [more]
8. Sevilla PV, Sanlúcar la Mayor, Spain – 115m Solar tower and 600 steel mirrors. 1.2 MW, 6,000 homes. Target: 600,000 homes.
9. Maglev wind turbines, erm, anywhere? – not yet implemented, no news from this US company since 2008.
10. Babcock Ranch, Florida – solar city of 19,500 dwellings



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