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Molten Glass Thermal Storage Breakthrough

Halotechnics, an early-stage solar-thermal startup, has developed two radical new materials for storing solar heat energy, using new kinds of salts and even a new kind of glass. In contrast to PV, thermal solar can be used to generate power at night. The innovation is that heat can be stored at much higher temperatures to be used in generation of steam-turbine-driven energy. Storage of heat is a means of combatting the major weakness of regenerative methods of energy production: its intermittent nature. Being able to store energy at higher temperatures is the key to cutting the costs of solar thermal, and that is what Halotechnics has pioneered. Today’s molten salt based technologies are confined to 565 °C. Halotechnics surpassed 700°C and one of their new molten glass materials can work up to 1,200 °C.


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