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Scientific American Flirts With Doomerism

Earlier The Economist expressed fear that maybe the oil-peakers might have a point, now another heavyweight from Anglosphere rings the alarmbells. Scientific American refers to the MIT World3 computer model and a new book “2052: A Global Forecast for the Next Forty Years“, predicting ‘near global collapse’ due to severe global warming. The author Jorgen Randers contends that economic life will largely remain unchanged for the coming decades before a real crisis will begin, an idea with which we here at DR disagree as too optimistic. Next Scientific American refers to Graham Turner of Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization as well as PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency who conclude that business as usual will continue until 2015, after which oil depletion will make itself felt. SA weakly refers to ‘ingenuity’ as a possible way out, but ends its article mentioning good old Dennis Meadows, the Cassandra from 1972, who has given up all hope that a collapse can be avoided.



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