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Solar Cell Production Process

What do you need to produce a solar cell? First of all the production process is not all that different from computer chips except that the cleanliness rules are more relaxed. Raw materials required: silicon dioxide of either quartzite gravel or crushed quartz. The oxide needs to be removed to obtain pure silicon. Very pure. The purified silicon is doped with phosphorous and boron to provide it with the desired electrical properties. Next: anti-reflective coating, usually titanium dioxide.

[wikipedia – solar cell]

This video from 2007 shows the steps involved in producing a silicon wafer. SVTI offers courses in IC Layout, PCB Layout, Analog Design, Digital Design, RFIC and Signal Processing.

Nearly 55% of Brisbane and Gold Coast homes have them, but does anyomne really know how solar panels are made? The crew at Todd’s Solar has this video that explains the proces of how solar panels are made.

Suntach advertorial.

How to make a solar cell yourself.

University level college on photovoltaics.

[Part 2]
[part 3]
[part 4]
[part 5]
[lecture slides]

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