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Nate Hagens – ASPO 2012

Nate Hagens, himself ex-Wallstreet, talking about ‘elephants in the room’. Includes financial aspects in his story.

More videos by Nate Hagens:

In order to solve the problems of resource depletion, overpopulation and climate change, we need to design institutions and lifestyles that are consistent with who we are as an evolved, competitive species and at the same time function within the natural resource constraints we will face on a full 21st century planet. The first third of the speech addresses energy before the focus moves to human nature.

The History Channel aired a two-hour program entitled ‘Prophets of Doom’ in January 2011. Dr. Nathan Hagens, a former hedge fund manager sees the financial system as the likeliest cause of societal collapse. He believes our monetary system is one big global Ponzi scheme. The United States is insolvent. He says to prepare, then the less likely a financial shock is going to be a disaster.

Nate Hagens from The Oil Drum answers questions on people’s acceptance of peak oil, its seriousness, EROEI, the credibility of biofuels and the role of the market.

Nate Hagens “Energy, Resources, and Human Demand on a Full Planet (6 parts, University of Wisconsin-Madison on April 15, 2009):

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