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Who Is Who In The World Of Energy?

Earlier we posted a “Who is who in peak-oil“. Here we want to make a broader list of people prominent in the field of energy matters and who have an outspoken opinion about the future of energy, peakers and non-peakers alike and who have expressed their opinion in public. In alphabetical order. This post will be updated regularly.

Aleklett, K. [ASPO 2012 presentation][Univ. homepage]
Birol, F. Director of Global Energy Economics at the International Energy Agency in Paris. Dropped bombshell that peak oil doom arrives in 2020. [When will the oil run out?][wikipedia]
Campbell, C. Father of the peak oil movement and founder of ASPO. [wikipedia]
Deffeyes, K. [wikipedia]
Hagens, N. [ASPO 2012 presentation][Univ. homepage]
Heinberg, R. [wikipedia]
Hirsch, R. [ASPO 2012 presentation][wikipedia]
Hubbert, M. [wikipedia]
Klare, M. [ASPO 2012 presentation][wikipedia]
Laherrère, J. [wikipedia]
Leggett, J. [ASPO 2012 presentation][wikipedia]
Lynch, M. [‘Peak Oil’ Is a Waste of Energy][wikipedia]
Meadows, D. [Perspectives on the Limits of Growth – 2012][wikipedia]
Monbiot, G. Former peaker and journalist for the Guardian. [wikipedia]
Maugeri, L. [Oil: The Next Revolution][video interview][wikipedia]
Ruppert, M. [wikipedia]
Scheer, H. [wikipedia]
Simmons, M. [wikipedia]
Skrebowski, C. [wikipedia]
Yergin, D. [wikipedia]

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