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Alexander Dugin visits the LSE

Alexander Dugin visits the London School of Economics and discusses geopolitics, the Heartland, Mackinder, Carl Schmitt and the idea of Grossraum, Eurasianism, multipolar world, Russia as a civilisation rather than a national state. Dugin accepts the world model as presented in the Clash of Civilizations by Samuel Huntington and rejects the idea of unipolar moment, globalism or US hegemony and defines the emerging model as post-modernist, post-positivist. Dugin rejects the idea that western values like democracy, human right, modernity, enlightenment, liberalism, etc., are universal. Rejection of the United Nations in its present form (‘Westphalian model‘). Alexander Dugin has close ties with Russian president Vladimir Putin. Dugin speaks for 50 minutes, after that discussion with listeners.

This brief lecture is an introduction to the Fourth Political Theory, which comes to replace three classic ideologies from the Modern era, i.e. liberalism, communism, and fascism. Philosopher Aleksandr Dugin reviews the history of these ideologies and their decline, outlines the challenges of living in globalist Postmodernity, and proposes the establishment of a new political theory, ranging from the need for multipolarity and the dialogue of civilizations to Heideggerian Dasein as the new historical subject. The English-language book version of the Fourth Political Theory was published by Arktos Media in 2012.

Traditionalist conference “Against Post-Modern World (Actual Problems of Traditionalism)”, Moscow, 15-16 October 2011, Dugin’s final speech. (english after 1.5 minutes).

“The Apparent and the Unbelievable”: Alexander Dugin and Sergei Kapitsa (English subtitles)

Лекция профессора Александра Гельевича Дугина. Постмодерн – это переходное состояние. Оно больше описывает не сущность явления, но агоническую картину отмирания модерна.



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