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Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis

Fischer Tropsch synthesis is crucial in producing fuels, plastics and chemicals from gas, coal or biomass.

This presentation is a short introduction to Fischer Tropsch synthesis.

In November 2011 the Center for Applied Energy Research broke ground on a $5.7 million facility that could help secure our nation’s energy independence. The facility will use state-of-the-art technologies to improve efficiency and reduce the amount of carbon dioxide created when converting coal and biomass to liquid transportation fuels. The gasification unit will be capable of producing one barrel of fuel per day.

Australia has a rich endowment of natural gas that has the potential to provide us with a cleaner source of transport fuel, allowing us to rely less on oil imports. CSIRO is developing and testing Gas-to-Liquid processes to convert natural gas to synthetic fuels in more energy efficient, cleaner and cheaper ways. Efficient GTL processes will deliver cleaner fuel and energy alternatives from our local Australian resources.

Universities in South Africa are generally renowned for research rather than innovation. But the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg made waves when they developed a technology to convert coal to liquid fuels and electricity. The pilot plant has been running successfully in China since 2008.

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