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EU Installed Wind Energy Capacity Surpasses 100 GW

Europe has now surpassed a total installed wind energy capacity of more than 100 GW, enough for 57 million households. The first 10 GW needed 20 years, the next 90 GW merely 13 years. 50% was installed during the last six years. 72 million tons of coal are saved per year, that’s a train of 750,000 wagons, with a combined length from Brussels/Belgium to Buenos Aires/Argentina. Most is installed on land, but once financing and grid problems are solved doubling of the current capacity could happen fast. Currently onshore installed capacity costs 1.2-1.4 million euro per megawatt, offshore however 3-4 million euro per megawatt.


Figures for 2011: new 41 GW wind power installed globally.
Year-to-year increase: 21%.
Total installed wind capacity by the end of 2011:
World 238 GW, EU 96 GW, China 62 GW, USA 48 GW, India 16 GW, Canada 5 GW.


[] – German Bundesland Schlesswig-Holstein wants to expand its wind energy generating capacity from 3 to 9 GW in five year. Until 2020 SH wants to produce 300% of its electricity needs and thus become a net electricity exporter.


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