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Norway Wants to Become Europe’s Battery Pack

Because wind and solar energy are inconsistent, energy managers are looking for ways to fill in the gaps when it is dark outside and the air is still. A Norwegian company wants to turn hydroelectric power stations in the north into Europe’s battery packs.


Interesting facts from the article:
Norway gets almost all of it’s electricity from hydro. The reponse time for the required pumps is in the order of three minutes. This form of energy storage is one of the most efficient: 20% overall loss, less than compressed air, H2 or natural gas production from renewables. Norway does not even need to build new reservoires, it is enough to equipe 200-300 existing Norwegian installations with additional pumps. Norway can store 25,000 MW, or 1/3 of the German grid capacity. A 600 km 1.4 GW seabed powerline is being planned (NorGer) between Norway and Germany (not the Netherlands as the article claims) that should start production by 2018. The Dutch already have a line to Norway since 2008 (NorNed, the longest in the world) and so do Denmark, England and Scotland. Also there is already a cable operational called BritNed. We leave it as an exercise to the dear reader to figure out between which countries this line is situated.

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[] – Energiespeicher


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