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Solar Panels Already Pay Off

[Dutch language video] Peter Meijers, director of IBC Solar, does a simple calculation, showing that a solar installation on a roof, directed towards the south, in a weatherwise relatively grey country like the Netherlands, already pays off handsomely. A Kwh from the grid in the Netherlands costs 0.23 euro. Based on a 20 year lifetime, solar panels can produce electricity for merely 0.13 euro. Meijers stresses that in 2011 prices for solar panels have come down with 30%. A typical installation cost 2260 euro (that’s an Apple MacBook Pro MD104N/A 15 inch). Meijers does not expect that prices will come down much more in the coming years. This calculation shows that at least for private households in countries like the Netherlands, the energy transition still could be smooth and that the installation of solar panels could be compared with the invasion of the personal computers in nearly all Dutch households over the past twenty years.

[GreenemNL Youtube]


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