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Turkish Pipelines


Turkey is a hub between Europe and the Middle East and as such of enormous geopolitical importance. Here an inventory of the pipelines, existing and projected, through Turkey. Pipelines have the potential to make and break alliances and could spark wars. It is likely that the western initiated civil war in Syria has to do with attempts to block the plans of a ‘Shia pipeline‘ from Iran, via Iraq and Syria to the Mediterranean, servicing the vast and lucrative European market.

Turkey’s Existing and Planned Oil and Natural Gas Pipelines

The BTC pipeline has been featured (in fictional form) in popular culture: it was a central plot point in the James Bond film The World Is Not Enough (1999). One of the film’s central characters, Elektra King, is responsible for the construction of an oil pipeline through the Caucasus, from the Caspian Sea to the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. Named the “King pipeline” in the film, it is a thinly disguised version of the BTC [wikipedia].


Kirkuk–Ceyhan Oil Pipeline

Samsun–Ceyhan pipeline

[wikipedia – Trans-Anatolian gas pipeline]

Projected Nabucco pipeline
The US prefers this pipeline in order to reduce European dependency on fuel from Russia, and at the same time keep Europe in the US dominated West, but for the moment this project is not going anywhere. If the US and/or Israel dare to initiate a war against Iran, the existing configuration of pipelines could have the potential of terminating the western alliance, a left-over of WW2, as Russia will make it’s carbon fuel leverage over Europe felt. Germany likely will be the first to leave the West/NATO as it is almost completely dependent on fuel from the east.

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