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Congressman Roscoe Bartlett on Peak Oil

Missed by many was the contest in Maryland’s 6th district, where Roscoe Bartlett – the second-oldest (86!) serving member of the US House of Representatives – was denied his bid to serve his district for an 11th term… The change in voter demographics made Bartlett’s campaign an uphill battle… In losing Congressman Bartlett, the U.S. Congress has also lost its “Mr. Peak Oil.”. There have been many titans of public education about Peak Oil and our collective energy challenges–names such as Matt Simmons, Richard Heinberg, Robert Hirsch, and many many more–but only one, Roscoe Bartlett, did it from the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives… His scientific background fueled his understanding of America’s energy challenges and his desire to explain these critical issues to others. And he did just that. In March 2005, armed with a collection of huge charts – around 30 in all., he stood on the House floor to give the first of many lonely speeches. The world has less and less oil to offer, he told the near-empty House chamber. The age of cheap energy is ending, he explained. And if the U.S. did not start adapting, it was in for a shock.


Rest of the speech below:


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