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One Kilowatthour

eiffel-tower-kwh-transparent[source – page 19]

Here is a nice picture illustrating what a kilowatthour really means. In the US you can buy 1 kwh from the grid for say 10 dollar cent. In Europe it is something like 20 euro cent (26 dollar cent). Now imagine what it would cost you to hire a worker to pull a car of 1200 kg, using a pulley with a factor of 1:40, from the ground to the top of the Eiffel tower (321 m). Or like pulling a backpack of 30 kg up the mount Everest without a pulley. That’s at least a day’s of hard work or 200-300$ in money terms. This perfectly illustrates the huge subsidy modern industrial society enjoys while the oil age will last, which is not too long anymore.

The picture was taken from the new book about peak oil by Professor Kjell Aleklett, which is filled with beautifull illustrations like the one shown here, so we are happy to plug his new book “Peeking at Peak Oil” (paperback and Kindle) in return.



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