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Meet Mr EROI, Charles A.S. Hall

Youtube text: Professor Charles A. S. Hall speaks of his concept “Energy Return on Investment” (EROI) at a seminar arranged by think tank Global Challenge in Stockholm. Posted November 2012.

[] – Charles A. S. Hall & Kent A. Klitgaard, Energy and the Wealth of Nations: Understanding the Biophysical Economy (Oct 2011, $79.88)

Youtube text: “Charlie Hall explains the concept of Energy Return On Investment – EROI – (measuring the quality of energy sources). This video examines the decline in EROI in the world’s biggest oil fields, and the consequences that will have for cilivization. Speakers, in order of appearance, are: Charles A. Hall – Professor, College of Environmental Science and Forestry, SUNY; Micah Melnyk – Canadian Youth Climate Coalition; and Nathan Gagnon – graduate student, SUNY-College of Environmental Science and Forestry.”

[] – Peak Oil, Declining EROI and the New Energy-Economic Reality with Dr. Charles A.S. Hall (Aug 2012, 98 minutes). Vimeo text: “Dr. Hall provides an assessment of global energy trends from his perspective as a systems ecologist and pioneer in the emerging field of biophysical economics. This webinar examines key concepts regarding energy quality and energy return on investment in the context of current world energy and economic challenges. A critique of neoclassical economics and its divergence from the laws of physics and ecology regarding energy will be implicit in the discussion.“. Not superb audio quality.

Youtube text: In this interview, ecologist and professor Charlie Hall looks at energy return on the energy invested. Whether it’s a cheetah chasing antelopes, or humans making ethanol — the energy we get back has to exceed the energy we put in, or the story is over. He compares oil’s energy return in the 1930’s (1 calorie invested returned 100 calories of energy) with now (1:12) and declining. (Corn ethanol, by the way, is about 1:1). 2008.

Youtube text: SUNY-ESF Improve Your World: World Without Oil – Featuring Dr. Charlie Hall and students Robert Powers and William Schoenberg.

Youtube text: The drilling rig explosion and oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is prompting a lot of questions. Why are we drilling in such deep water? Who is to blame for this mess? What can be done to solve the energy problem? Dr. Charles Hall, SUNY-ESF systems ecologist, addressed these questions and more during the May 11, 2010 Central Issues program on WCNY TV.

Youtube text: SUNY-ESF Energetics, Food Chains, Carrying Capacity: Eutrophication (6) – A summary of how energy flows through ecosystems, including those with humans, based on the laws of thermodynamics and the concept of food chain or trophic efficiency. It also considers how food supply, space or other resources can limit the upper level.

Youtube text: Charles A.S. Hall, professor at State University of New York in the College of Environmental Science & Forestry, speaks of his research in biophysical economics and the concept of energy returns on investment. Opener of the seminar: Eva Alfredsson


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