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Kurt Cobb

Text from In this romantic thriller Cassie Young is a rising star at a prestigious energy consulting firm when she discovers secret files that reveal the truth about the world’s oil supplies; and, it’s not good news. Soon, she finds herself locked in a game of cat and mouse that places her career and ultimately her life on the line. After reading her story, you’ll never think quite the same way about filling your gas tank. Cassie’s transformation from one of the firm’s true believers into a worried skeptic begins when she meets Victor Chernov, a former oil trader. Contrary to the public pronouncements of her firm and many official agencies, Victor says the world may start running dangerously short of oil–the lifeblood of modern society–within only a few years. In her search for the truth, Cassie uncovers evidence that convinces her Victor is right. But that evidence now makes her a target for those who desperately want to keep an unknowing world in the dark. A startling reinterpretation of contemporary events, Prelude follows Cassie to the Canadian tar sands; to the heart of Houston, the energy city; to an offshore drilling platform; and to the streets and suites of Washington, D.C. in a journey that unlocks the mysteries of a substance that the world cannot do without.

[] – Kurt Cobb’s blog.

Youtube text: Max’s guest for this edition of the show is Kurt Cobb who is the author of ‘Prelude’. The book is about a young energy analyst who works for Energy Consulting Forum in Washington D.C. She gains some secret information that convinces her that oil supplies will be desperately short in the next few years. She meets with an energy perpetrator and tries to convince him that the oil peak is not imminent. She says that the Earth has plenty of oil resources. Then she became the target for the people who do not want the information out. Enjoy the show.

Youtube text: Kurt Cobb discusses four rates of change and their implications for our energy future in this keynote address at the tenth annual Illinois Renewable Energy Fair in Oregon, Illinois on August 13th, 2011. Kurt Cobb is the author of the peak oil-themed novel Prelude, and has contributed to the blogs Energy Bulletin, The Oil Drum, and Scitizen, and is a founding member of the Association for the Study of Peak Oil and Gas-USA.


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