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The End Of Oil

Youtube text: The End Of Oil – Film Video Remix by Bruce Weaver – Dharma Dog Pictures. The past re-imagined as the future, can be seen as going back in time to re-visit where oil comes from and how it shaped our modern future. There have been many in our past who have warned us of whats termed as “Peak Oil”. Now in the 21st century we are faced with the same message of energy crisis and wars being sparked over land and sea and its natural resources. Much like climate change there are many skeptics to the concept of “Peak Oil” but as we open our eyes and see our cultures desperate attempt to make claim to the last of the oil reserves and or invade such countries such as Iraq,Libya,Syria and Iran. This film/video remix examines through a form of Edutainment our past so that we may look at our continued lack of shifting from fossil fuels until its to late!


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