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The World According To George Orwell – 1984

We do not pretend to know how the future will look like. But some visions touch a nerve where others don’t. This vision does touch a nerve, the vision or at least the world map from George Orwell’s famous novel 1984. In fact Orwell’s map has more resemblance with the predictions of Samuel Huntington, as formulated in Clash of Civilizations than with a globalist one world scheme, as dreamed-up by the would-be gobalist imperialists in Washington.

There are many reasons why Greece is in the mess it is in today, but it is mainly their own fault, based on fraud and corruption and largely public debt, where private debt is in fact very low. First of all the Greek government bought Goldman Sachs to cook the books for them in such a manner that the eurocrats had a pretext to increase the size of their Euro-empire, which they were eager to do anyway and gladly turned a blind eye on the real state of Greek finance. Once Greece was in the euro the Greek irresponsibility knew no bounds, correctly anticipating (northern) European (taxpayer funded) solidarity in case things would go wrong. The first thing Greece did was massive wage increases on all fronts, hiring way too large number of civil servants and lowering retirement age. And the Greeks were aided by equally irresponsible northern banks (French, German and British) who were willing to lend the Greeks the necessary cash to finance it all, equally anticipating northern European solidarity as a security of last resort. And maybe even the eurocrats did not mind under the motto: ‘never waste a good crisis to increase your power’. Now northern Europeans are told by the eurocrats in Brussels as well as national politicians, who are in majority europhile, that ‘our euro needs to be saved’, which is rubbish since there is no euro-problem but a southern European debt problem, caused by an entitlement-attitude and an inability of the Greeks to compete with northern Europe. A single market means in practice that the Greeks, who only have beaches and olives, are outcompeted by the north and pictures of poor Angela Merkel depicted with swastikas is the result. Germany is currently the only country in Europe that is still booming, which should lead the Germans to pause, for historic reasons. Germany as a national state came into being in 1871 and within 30 years it had outcompeted France and Britain (the two combined had population numbers equal to Germany) on world markets, which caused the two traditional adversaries to start an alliance (Entente Cordiale) to which later Russia was added, with the aim to destroy Germany, in which they succeeded in WW1. When Germany tried to escape from the Versailles stranglehold in the thirties it was destroyed again, now with the aid of the US and USSR, who smelled their chance to ascend on the global pecking order by exploiting the inner-European conflict. After 1945 France understood what mistake the alliance with Britain had been and president de Gaulle tried to save from European civilization what could be saved, turned 180 degrees and started to build European unity based on the Paris-Berlin axis (EGKS–>EEC–>EU) and proclaimed already in the sixties that later Moscow should be added to the axis once communism was dead. De Gaulle was not very fond of Anglos and the dislike was mutual.

Germany must really pay attention now that she is not going to be destroyed for a third time by angry neighbours who observe that European unity is mainly in the advantage of German industry. Britain is only waiting for the right moment to escape from the EU, of which she is a member merely out of ‘join-em-if-you-cant-beat-em’ attitude, which is not real love. France knows that she is an essential part of the European construction which allows her to punch above her economic weight. As long as the Paris-Berlin axis stays alive it does not matter much what happens elsewhere in Europe. Crucial is the attitude of Germany. How far will they go in supporting southern losers? Or will the give in to the temptation and abandon the EU and start an alliance with Russia.

Maybe the best thing to do is to let the southern European flank go and let them have a softer southern euro as well as protectionism and let Germany concentrate on the Russian market and keep at the same time at least France afloat, for geopolitical reasons, and start a Eurasian alliance that can’t be beaten by anyone. This would result in a three polar world, as predicted by George Orwell, see map above, at least in geographical dimensions: Anglosphere, Eurasia and China plus a few ‘secondary civilizations’ like Islam, India and Africa, all of lesser political and economic weight (GDP 2011: EU $18T, US $15T, China $7T).

If the likely Great Default would occur, starting with the US or Greece and cascading through the world financial system and as a consequence the capitalist system fails, it could happen that the world will become soft-totalitarian socialist (again): neo-trotskyite in Anglosphere and national-socialist in Eurasia as well as in China. Great Default means: nobody pays his debts anymore including mortages, mainly because most cannot pay and because large parts of the economic players don’t pay either. This would mean that all real estate would become property of the state to be rented out to the citizens. Income will plumet, everything will be rationed, like in the USSR, in line with the new realities of a resource depleted world. The freedom we once enjoyed post WW2 was in hindsight the result of the 100-150 virtual energy slaves we westerners had per capita. Once that number decreases year after year, life will become ever more constrained, less ‘free’, all to the benefit of the state.

We are not saying this is going to happen, let alone that we want this to happen, but it could happen. In contrast this site is neo-Gaullist, supports the Europe-of-the-Fatherlands idea, if necessary even Europe-of-the-Regions, carried by a future Paris-Berlin-Moscow axis, for cultural as well as geopolitical reasons. The US is invited, knowing very well that it’s an empty invitation, as the Straussian elite ruling Washington-London will never let Euro-America go. The US is going to be the new Brasil, despite the warnings of Samuel Huntington. So be it. European civilization is going to be continued in the Eurasian Heartland, after the US-Soviet globalist intermezzo of the 20th century will be history, including the idea of ‘the West’, an outdated leftover from WW2. Additionally, Europe or rather the North, with Germany at its technological and economic core, is most likely to be first power to successfully achieve the inevitable energy transition of the 21st century.

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