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Gargantuan 32 GW Wind Projects Underway in the UK

The carbon fuel era began in Great-Britain and maybe that was the reason that until now the British were lagging behind with the introduction of renewable energy. But that could change soon as very ambitious projects are underway in the realm of offshore windfarming. Windfarm developers have acquired licenses in order to develop potentially up to 32 GW of wind power, about twice the power consumption of the Netherlands, eclipsing anything we have seen so far. The largest area would be situated at the Doggerbank (13 GW), to be developed by Forewind. The UK has the biggest wind resource in Europe. The London Array wind project currently under construction already is the largest project to date (630 MW). The Doggerbank project will dwarf anything we have seen so far.

[Forewind 15-11-2012 update]



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