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40 GW China’s New Solar Target for 2015

This is big. Since 2011 China has adjusted its solar target for 2015 with a factor of 8, from 5 to 40 GW. This could help boost their ailing solar industry and push it towards a certain threshold, beyond which benefits of economy of scale could start kicking in. To put things in perspective, here is the situation by the end of 2011:

1. Germany — 24.7 GW
2. Italy — 12.8 GW
3. Japan — 4.9 GW
4. Spain — 4.4 GW
5. USA — 4.4 GW
6. China – 2 GW

It is obvious that most of the renewable action is in Europe, but that China at least intends to try to keep up, where the US seems insistent on poisoning their entire continent with this fracking business.


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