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Shale Gas In The Netherlands

gaskaart_nl[source][pdf with detailed map]
The Netherlands is a natural gas country. Nearly all 7.1 million homes are connected to the natural gas grid, that to a large extent is being fed by a giant gas field near Slochteren, discovered July 22, 1959. Original total content was ca. 2.8 trillion m3 or 96 trillion ft3. By 2008 these reserves had decreased to 1.1 trillion m3. It will not be long before the impending end of Slochteren will make itself felt, energetical… and economical, as the original amount of gas represented 1.5 trillion euro against present day consumer prices. So what’s next… shale gas? Much is unclear about the potential of shale gas/oil in the Netherlands.

[] – August 19, 2011: shale gas reserves in The Netherlands range from a few hundred to 3000 billion m3. A lot of questions arose after the documentary Gasland was released. Frank de Boer, director of Cuadrilla Resources acknowledges that a lot went wrong in the US but that that is not bound to happen in the Netherlands.

[] – British company Cuadrilla wants to carry out probe drilling in Boxtel but meets fierce local resistance. The status as of September 2012 is that Cuadrilla still needs to wait for the results of a study by the Dutch government.

[] – The Netherlands has approximately 19 trillion cubic feet (540 billion m3) of technically recoverable shale gas reserves, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

[] – Shale gas in the Netherlands


Arguments in favour and against schale gas.

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