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LightSail Energy

Video upload: December 22, 2012. LightSail makes what sounds like the world’s least sexy product: a new kind of air compressor. But compressed air could be the key to storing electricity on the very large scale required by utilities. And that, as it turns out, would be a key advance in creating a new energy system based on intermittent sources like wind and solar… Previous compressed air systems lost the vast majority of power that you could put into them. But LightSail says their system can return 70 percent of the power that’s put into it back to the grid. That’d be as effective as the current best solution (literally pumping water up a hill, then releasing it back through turbines) but with less restrictions. The key to their technology is the simple addition of a fine mist of water during the compressor’s operation; the key to their business is proving that their technology works the way they say it does.

[] – How to Do Energy Storage on a Massive Scale (July 11, 2012)

[] – Lightsail-1
[] – Danielle Fong

LightSail-1 Deployment (upload: July 10, 2012)

LightSail-1 Video Update: Construction Begins!


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