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Wilpoldsried Makes Millions From Renewables

Wildpoldsried, Überblick[source]
Wilpoldsried, Bavaria in Germany has 2600 inhabitants and makes 4 million euro per year (1500 euro per person) from clean energy. The village produces 320% more energy than it can consume and there is not even that much wind in Bavaria. The decision for change was taken in 1997 and in 14 years time the achievements are:

  • 9 buildings with solar panels
  • 3 small hydro power stations
  • 4 biogas installations (5 soon)
  • 7 windturbines (9 soon)
  • 190 households have solar installations on the roof

    Wilpoldsried is a perfect example of how energy problems should be tackled. We are no fans of Karl Marx here and we would have preferred if he had become a rabbi, like his father, nevertheless to paraphrase him: mayors of the world, unite!. The blueprint for the future of your village can be found in Wilpoldsried. All you need to do is find a plan, consensus between the inhabitants and a financier. Meanwhile prices for solar have come down considerably, so there is no reason why it should take 14 years for your village to achieve 320% overproduction, let alone 100% coverage. If you can get the finance, do it, as it will pay for itself.

    [] – 8 pictures

    Zoom in from space to see the solar panels on the roofs.

    P.S. October 2, 2013

    Here is another German village, Feldheim, 60 km south of Berlin, that is also energy autark.

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