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Offshore Wind Turbine Installation

Youtube text: Concept for offshore wind turbine installation using a barge.

Youtube text: uploaded june 3, 2008. Construction of off shore windpark “Princes Amalia” (Q7), off the cost of The Netherlands close to the town of IJmuiden. The wind farm has a capacity of 120 MW (60 turbines of 2MW each) and was constructed by Econcern bv in joint venture with Eneco.

Youtube text: Jumbo Offshore used its’ DP2 Heavy Lift Vessel Jumbo Javelin to transport and install 131 Transition Pieces for client Fluor at the Greater Gabbard Offshore Windfarm. Jumbo pioneered the transport from the port of Flushing (Netherlands) to the Offshore installation site at the East coast of the UK and installation with a free floating vessel, which makes transit to the worksite and positioning next to the monopile a lot faster then more conventional methods using Jack-up vessels. With a workability for critical lifts in wave heights up to at least Hs = 1.5m*, Jumbo Offshore is now able to deliver various installation services for offshore wind farms.

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