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Preparing Emotionally for the Coming Chaos

This blog does not count emotions as a resource, so we needed a little pause before we posted this. See it as a diversion from the harsh reality of resource depletion and lets you drill into your own psyche (at your own risk), happy drilling. Youtube text: Peak Moment episode 225. “The external growth of a budding economy is over. The focus on growth now needs to be on the inner world.” Carolyn Baker: Navigating the Coming Chaos is a toolkit to prepare emotionally and spiritually for the collapse of industrial civilization now underway. First build an “internal bunker,” she suggests, to begin healing the fear, grief and despair that immobilize many people in our “culture of numbness.” From that foundation, she invites us to look at who our allies are ? people, places, possessions. Carolyn observes that many people experience a level of joy by doing this work.


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