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Introduction to Heat Pumps

Youtube text: This introductory webinar explains how a heat pump system works, what is the most suitable solution in your case and, if it makes sense, how to start planning and building your installation. After a briefing presentation, a case study will be presented using the RETScreen analysis software.

[] – What is a Heat Pump?

Youtube text: Rexpert, the Heat Pump Expert, of Chaffee Climate Control, Inc. explains the basic operation of a split system air-source heat pump. These same principles are applied to all air conditioning and refrigeration systems.

Youtube text: Learn how a heat pump works, and in addition, appreciate the role of the internal components within a Kensa heat pump unit. This video has been produced for installers of ground source heat pumps. Guy Cashmore, Kensa’s Technical Director, provides additional insight into the internal operation of a ground source heat pump unit. You will see how each component within a Kensa heat pump works in relation to the heat pump cycle, to deliver efficient heat all year round.


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