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Byron King On The Energy Sector In The Coming Years

Youtube text: elcome to Capital Account. Brent and WTI crude oil prices have been close to an eight-month low as OPEC meets to talk about production quotas. Word is the group will not cut output a broader weakening of the global economy. This is despite some calls for supply cuts to curb the price slide. BUT is excess supply the reason prices have come down? Not according to Agora Financial’s energy expert Byron King. He says the worlds largest oil fields are depleting and global discovery rates are NOT keeping up.

And so the question becomes – what’s the future of energy? Are green energy players losers without subsidies? Can anything compete with natural gas when its price is so low? And is Nuclear still game on despite the Fukushima disaster? We’ll try to answer all of those questions with our guest Byron King, and while we’re on resources, talk industrial metals.

Plus, crime pays but not that well when it comes to bank robbery. There is a low return on investment according to researchers it turns out. I guess this adds to our guest William K. Black’s thesis that the best way to rob a bank is to own one. Demetri and Lauren will give you their take during today’s episode of Loose Change.


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