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Methane Hydrates

Some people believe that methane hydrates, located at the bottom of the sea, could be part of a future energy solution. Recently a Japanese firm reported that it had produced non-commercial quantities of methane from methane hydrates, present ca. 300m below the sea bed at 1000m depth near the Japanese coast.


Youtube text, uploaded JUne 18, 2011: German scientists are trying to capitalize on the potential of methane hydrate becoming a future source of energy. At the same time, they are also exploring ways of storing carbon dioxide under the sea.

Youtube text: The US Department of energy recently completed a successful test on a methane hydrate well. Methane hydrate consists of methane trapped in crystalline structure of frozen water and it is being explored as a future source of natural gas due to the large deposits trapped under oceans and permafrost around the globe. It is viewed as a clean energy source as carbon dioxide can be injected into wells during the extraction process. This animation gives some facts about methane hydrate and how it is extracted (uploaded May 25, 2012).

Youtube text, uploaded August 7, 2008: Explore naturally occurring frozen methane deposits under the sea with renowned geochemist Miriam Kastner and discover whether or not they are a hazard to climate change. Series: “Perspectives on Ocean Science” [8/2008] [Science] [Show ID: 14350]

Methane hydrates as an explanation for the Bermuda Triangle mysteries.


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