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IT Aspects of Smart Grids

This posts contains rather specialized IT knowledge that comes with running a smart grid. Youtube text: Governments worldwide are mandating improved energy efficiency and investing heavily in smart energy infrastructure. Leveraging the deployment of communication-enabled electric meters, many applications can be offered to optimize usage, improve the reliability of distribution and transmission networks, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The Home Energy Gateway (HEG) is the hub connecting the utility-controlled smart grid and smart appliances in homes. This session provides an overview and demonstration of an HEG proof-of-concept running on Java ME CLDC VM. The HEG solution features implementation of a demand response Web services client; the Zigbee API for wireless connectivity; and an embedded Web server for remote device control, monitoring, and application management.

[] – Open smart grid protocol
[] – Making the Smart Grid Smarter with Embedded Java
[] – Open Smart Grid Protocol (OSGP)

[] – Java goede keuze voor smart grid oplossing
[] – Smart Grid: Technology and Applications
[] – H.-Jürgen Appelrath und Sebastian Lehnhoff, Future Energy Grid (2012) [paper]
[] – Hans-Jürgen Appelrath
[] – IT-Architekturentwicklung im Smart Grid: Perspektiven für eine sichere markt- und standardbasierte Integration erneuerbarer Energien, Hans-Jürgen Appelrath, Petra Beenken, Ludger Bischofs, Mathias Uslar
[] – Smart Grid Reference Architecture
[] – Standardization Mandate to European Standardisation Organisations (ESOs) to support European Smart Grid deployment (M/490 EN)


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