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A Lot of Business In Cold Icy Winds

Wind farm[source]
According to VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, the potential for wind energy in cold climate regions is far greater than that of offshore, possibly more than 10 times. “According to the latest forecasts, between 45 and 50 gigawatts of wind energy will be built in cold climates by 2017, which would mean an increase of as much as 72 per cent since the end of 2012 and investments amounting to approximately EUR 75 billion.“. Reason for this potential: low population density as well as favourable wind conditions. The advantage of higher density of cold air is compensated by the need of anti-icing measures. Another interesting factor is that in the winter wind speed are generally higher than during the summer. In this respect wind power from the north can balance solar power from the south, an interesting factor for continental energy policies in Europe and North-America.



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