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Enercon E-126

The Enercon E-126, the largest windturbine in the world until Feb 2012. Hub height 135 m, rotor diameter 127 m, 7.5 MW, yearly yield 18 KWh. Eleven of those engines are installed in Estinnes/Belgium. Expected production of these eleven machines combined: 195 GWh or 17.7 GWh per tower per year. List price: eleven milion euro. Assuming a yearly maintenance cost of 2%, this would increase total cost to 17.6 million euro. Expected operational life: much longer than 20 years. Assuming 30 years, this would mean a power production of 531 GWh. Assuming market price for electricity from the grid of 20 euro cent/kwh, this would equate to an amount of power worth 106 million euro or six times the total cost of the machine, a spectacular return on investment. The turbine does not use rare earth magnets.


Published 5 aug 2012 – Flying through the world’s biggest wind turbine, ENERCON E-126!!! Also filming Vestas V90, Enercon E-70 and Align T-Rex 550E. These stunts are only possible with a 3D helicopter, piloted by “The Messiah of FPV helicopters”!




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