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First Mongolian Wind Farm

Interesting facts: 1) Mongolian capital Ulan Bator is the second most air-polluted city in the world and 2) Mongolia has the most wind energy potential of all Asian countries.


For Mongolia, three times the size of France, wind potential at utility scale runs from Class 3 to Class 6, with more than 130,000 km2 of land falling in the 6.4 to 7.1 meters-per-second range. The South Gobi region in Mongolia alone is estimated to have over 300 GW of wind potential or three times the total wind capacity installed in Europe in 2012. With less than 3 million inhabitants, most of them living in the capital and for the rest virtually empty, Mongolia could become a wind based electricity exporting country for Asia.

[] – Wind Energy Resource Atlas of Mongolia (pdf, 215p) – page 133: total wind energy potential of Mongolia is 4,314 GW in the moderate to excellent range or 1,013 GW in the good to excellent range. To compare: the total EU electricity generation capacity in 2012 is ca. 1500 GW. Wind energy from Mongolia could replace all electricity generating capacity of Europe.


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