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Perovskites – Price Solar Down To 10-20 cents?

Promising developments with solar cells: application of perovskite (CaTiO3) could bring down prices of solar cells from 75 $ cents now, to as low as 10-20 $ cents per peakwatt. Decisive are a combination of relatively high efficiency (15% today) and simple manufacturing procedures. Not as easy as spraying a surface, but it is getting close.

[] – Perovskite
[] – The Swift Surge of Perovskite Photovoltaics

Perovskite structure. Main feature is the corner-sharing dark blue octahedra, occupied by Ti4+ in perovskite proper. In silicate perovskite, MgSiO3, Si4+ occupies the octahedra and Mg occupies the translucent polyhedra (nine-fold coordinated)
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A new candidate has emerged for a low-cost photovoltaic cell, based on an inert alumina scaffold coated with a highly crystalline organometal halide. Early versions of the solar cell show that it can convert almost 11% of light energy into electrical energy, with the prospect of much higher efficiencies. Here we see electrospinning of the organometal halide thin film over an aluminium oxide support. Read more at:­skite-solar-cell-energy-loss


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