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Heating Homes With Mirrors

Heliostats are a low cost way to capture light and heat and direct it into a building through windows. In many buildings, some rooms never get direct sunlight at all – they face the wrong way. Heliostats placed outside these cold /dark rooms can direct warmth and light into the rooms, transforming them into enjoyable, comfortable spaces. Each H1 Heliostat can deliver over 2000 watts to a room, or over 230,000 lumens of light.


Price range: $1,349.00 to $1,699.00

Multi-hour tracking test of the H1 heliostat. See solar rotational molding (SRM) process at right, several parts were produced during the heliostat test run in the heliostat -fired solar furnace

No one enjoys turning on a light during the day, but we’ve all done it. Now thanks to Wikoda, that light can stay off. The Sunflower Home Heliostat provides you with natural lighting that has as many purposes as sunlight itself, but now you have the power to control it.
A single Sunflower can…
•Provide up to sixty standard light bulbs (60-Watt) worth of light
•Expand gardens and light up entire rooms
•Eliminate headaches and eye fatigue caused by fluorescent lighting
•Decrease your carbon footprint and electricity consumption!


Price: $299,-


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