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Gravity Power Energy Storage

Youtube text: Published on Mar 11, 2013. The next few decades will herald a global change in energy production. The age of renewables requires more than just photovoltaics and windmills: it needs storage systems in an unprecedented volume. However, conventional techniques of storage fail due to the high investments or the low efficiency. This appears to be a stumbling block for the desired change to renewable energy.

His proposed hydraulic hydro storage system gives us a chance to store thousands of GWh at low cost and low environmental impact. The simple yet riveting idea is to lift a rock the size of a soccer stadium using established technologies thereby storing energy. Due to the fact that underground rocks are practically unlimited, the global change to solar power can continue.

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Youtube text: Gravity Power will discuss its energy storage power plants in comparison to combustion turbine plants and other storage for peaking and ancillary services power. The “Gravity Power Module” (GPM) hydraulically lifts a massive piston inside a deep vertical shaft to store energy, and releases the piston on demand to force water through a hydro turbine. Early units will supply 40-150 MW for 4 hours or more. The Company plans to sell turnkey plants, operate and maintain and joint venture or license technology in strategic markets. It is working with developers in Texas, California, New York, the Mid-East, South Africa, India, China, Turkey, France, Germany and Mexico to progress demonstration projects and commercial installations, the first to be completed in 2013.


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