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Wikipedia Country Rankings

Selection of wikipedia pages containing country rankings more or less relevant for the topic of this blog: energy & resources.


coal – [production] [map] [reserves]
electricity – [consumption] [production from renewable sources]
lignite – [production]
natural gas – [production] [map] [proven reserves]
nuclear power – [production] [map]
oil – [oil production] [map] [map 2010 CIA] [proven reserves] [map]
shale gas – [recoverable reserves] [text] [map]
solar power – [production]
uranium – [reserves] [map]
wind power – [production]


aluminium – [Al] [oxide production] [map]
antimony – [Sb] [production] [map]
bauxite – [bauxite] [production & reserves]
cadmium – [Cd] [production map]
cement – [cement] [production]
chromium – [Cr] [production map]
cobalt – [Co] [production map]
diamond – [diamond] [production map]
fluorite – [CaF2] [production]
gold – [Au] [production] [map]
iron – [Fe] [production] [map]
mercury – [Hg] [production map]
nickel – [Ni] [production map]
molybdenum – [Mo] [production map]
palladium – [Pd] [production map]
platinum – [Pt] [production map]
silver – [Ag] [production]
steel – [steel] [production] [map]
tantalum – [Ta] [Ta] [production]
tin – [Sn] [production] [reserves]
titanium – [] [Ti] [production]
wolfram – [] [W] [production]
zinc – [Zn] [production] [map]
zirconium – [Zr] [production map]

Economy & Finance

credit rating – [S&P] [map]
current account balance – [list]
debt – [external]
gdp – [gdp] [map]
gold – [reserves] [map] [official reserves]
military expenditures – [list] [map]
net exports – [list]
reserve currency – [reserve currency]
trading partners China – [list]
trading partners US- [list] [map]


[population growth] [map]


[carbon dioxide emissions] [map]
fresh water – [consumption]

Further exploration

[Lists of countries and territories]
[List of top international rankings by country]


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