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German-Russian Gas Trade to be Increased

A few days ago we reported negatively about announcements made by German chancellor Angela Merkel about a radical change in Germany’s energy policy in an effort to decrease the German dependency on Russian oil and gas. However, according to new information, the German government has decided to give the nod to new joint Russian-German gas projects worth billions. Maybe all the anti-Russian talk was perhaps intended to appease the Americans, where in reality business-as-usual reigns in all things German-Russian energy and trade relations? We hope so.

[] – Energie-Importe: Merkel winkt neue Gasprojekte mit Russland durch

India Ready to Pay Iranian Oil in Euro

New Delhi, March 23: India is likely to grant Iran’s request to be paid fully in euros for oil, against the current practice of partial payment in rupees… Reports quoting Mohsen Qamsari, director for international affairs of the National Iranian Oil Company, said, “Indians are interested in increasing oil imports from Iran and we welcome this matter in the event that it would be possible for us to receive payments in euros in our accounts.”


Solar Energy Storage Using Bionic Leafs

Berkeley came up with a new bionic leaf that can convert energy from sunlight into an energy-dense fuel, imitating the photosynthetic process of plants.


China: Wind Power Surpasses Nuclear



Wind Turbine Market Leaders



EU Members: 2012 Renewable Energy Reality vs. 2020 Commitments



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