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ITER in Five Minutes

China Plans Massive Increase Wind Power

Currently installed wind power in China: 75 GW.
Plans for 2020: 200 GW.

(EU 2014: 90 GW)


World’s First 8 MW Wind Turbine Operational

[] – picture gallery


Power: 9 kW/12 PS
Torque: 75 Nm
Max. speed: 81 km/h
Capacity: 3,1 kWh
Range: ca. 50-70 km
Charge time: ca. 3,5 h
Weight: 123 Kg
Price: ca. 13,000 euro

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Germany’s Unstoppable Renewable Energy Revolution


Total installed renewable energy base in Germany: 70 GW, or the equivalent of 70 standard big power stations.
Annual growth rate 2013-2014:
Wind: 31%
Solar: 74%

Share renewable energy to date: 25%

2025: 40-45%
2035: 55-60%
2050: 80%


Europe’s Dependency on Russian Gas






Russia Warns Europe for Interruptions Natural Gas Deliveries

40% of Gazprom’s gas deliveries to Europa run through the Ukraine. Russia now threatens to cut back these deliveries because of the backlogs the Ukraine has in paying gas bills. This could have repercussions for Europe as well, since Russia could see itself forced to halt deliveries through the Ukraine to prevent the Ukraine from tapping. Russia has recently increased prices for the Ukraine after the later began to sail an anti-Russian course. Total Ukrainian debt: 2.2 billion dollar.


Driven Kilometers in the Netherlands

Total number of driven passenger car kilometers in the Netherlands.

[] – detailed government statistics regarding passenger car transport in the Netherlands

Similar US data.

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Commercials Preparing Holland for a Renewable Energy Future

Feel-good adds, preparing the Netherlands for a ‘duurzame’ (sustainable) energy future.

100% Electricity from Wind for all Dutch Households by 2023

Not really out of the blue, but yesterday the Dutch government has decided upon 11 locations for on land generation of 6.0 GW electricity from wind in the Netherlands before 2020. Add another 4.4 GW offshore wind planned until 2023 and all Dutch households would be provided by wind based electricity within 10 years. This would be the per capita equivalent of the US announcing new 202 GW capacity from wind before 2023.


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