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Merkel Visits Washington

US President Barack Obama meets with Ger[source]
In the midst of the deepening Ukrainian crisis, German chancellor Angela Merkel travels to Washington, and no doubt will be subjected to pressure to become tougher with ‘Putin’s Russia‘. A short glance on the graph below will immediately make clear that sanctions are only in the interest of Washington, but certainly not of Europe:


Meanwhile, senator John “boots-on-the-ground” McCain deplores that in his view the ‘German industry lobby’ has too much influence in German foreign policy, which is a ‘disgrace’.

[] – Senator McCain findet Merkels Führungsstil “peinlich” (Senator McCain finds Merkel’s leadership ‘painfull’).

And then there is John Kerry, who opines that with the Ukraine stand-off the ‘Trans-Atlantic global leadership is at stake’. After two decades of trying to manage Russia into (Washington-run) globalist structures, he has come to the conclusion that Russia is not interested.

[] – Trans-Atlantic global leadership at stake in Ukraine – Kerry

Our take: Washington is about the last place a German leader would want to be these days. It was Washington and the Nuland-coup that intentionally triggered the Ukrainian crisis in the first place. Germany and Europe can expect Washington to exploit the Ukraine issue to the max and drive a wedge between Europe and Russia. The Grand Old Men of German politics (Schmidt, Kohl and Schroeder) all warned against antagonizing Russia. The German industry likewise. But it is to be feared that das Maedchen doesn’t have enough spine (avoiding references to other body parts) to resist this frontal assault against German/European best interests.


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