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Ukraine Wants to Block Oil & Gas Transit to Europe

We could not begin to describe our luck when we learned that Ukrainian coup-plotter and sock puppet of the US State Department, Arseniy Yatsenyuk, has threatened that he could block oil & gas transit to Europe. Go for it, Yats! If you do it, president Putin does not need to do it, so your miserable country will get the full blame for the economic disaster that would result of it for (notably Eastern) Europe. Obviously Yatsenyuk has said this as a mouthpiece for Washington, that would love to see Russia deprived of a large chunk of its income and to see (Eastern) European industry crippled. Currently, Europe gets 30% of its gas from Russia, with 50% via Ukraine. But this amount of gas is very unevenly distributed over European countries and Eastern European countries would be hardest hit, see map above for details. Bulgaria already sees the writing on the wall and decided to ignore the Washington/Brussels ukase and gave the green light to South-Stream anyway. Talking about ignoring US proxy EU, that’s always a good idea. The EU had its chance and blew it on the very moment it started to support the US instigated Maidan coup, aimed at hurting both Europe and Russia.

Spineless European dummies playing Maidan revolutionaries in the hope to add basket-case Ukraine to their EU empire and ruining relations with Russia in the process. Europe has no credible leadership..

The EU has betrayed Europe and refused or was unable to provide real leadership and preferred to hide behind Washington’s back and outsourced the guardianship of Europe’s best interests to that party that could not care less about European best interests (“Fuck the EU”). So now Europe gets what it deserves. It has smashed the windows of the only reliable gas station Europe had: Russia. So don’t be surprised if the owner of the gas station has second thoughts about delivering fuel to the window smashers.

The European president, is this beta male cute or what? Pull the cord and it will start to shine.

Russia does not need to sell fuel to Europe, regardless of how much the Europeans like think that Russia has no options but to sell to Europe. The world is running out of fossil fuel fast and is unprepared for the dire consequences, so Russia will always be able to sell its fuel to the highest bidder. Every barrel of oil that Russia does not sell now, it can sell in the future against a higher price. And now that Jihadis are paving the way for the coming Caliphate, supply of fossil fuel from the Middle East to Europe gets more uncertain with every passing day. This is a good time for Russia to bridge the coming inevitable economic downturn, for both Europe and Russia, and dump a large part of its excess dollar reserves, while it still has value, to those dummies who have yet to understand that the days of the dollar are numbered. The West has no military options either. Even if the West were able to mobilize an army and invade the Ukraine, a big if, this army would be nuked with tactical weapons the very moment it would dare to cross the Russian border. But the European population can’t be mobilized for a war against Russia over the Ukraine. And besides, Europe hardly has an army worth speaking of, a state of affairs that urgently needs to change after the West has been liquidated and that moment is not far off.

But again, if Ukraine wants to do Russia the favor of halting fuel transits over its territory, please go ahead and deprive European ‘leaders’ of the opportunity to blame Russia and instead has a difficult new job of having to explain to the European population why Ukraine is so important as an ally, to the tune that Europe will sit in the dark and the industry will be in a state of depression because of lack of fuel from Russia. Then the value of being a member of the West will become plain to see for all: namely zero.

EU-Russian trade effectively destroyed by Washington’s adventurism in Ukraine. Who is the enemy again?



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