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Young People No Longer Need to Own a Car

There was a massive 5% year-to-year decline of car ownership under young people in the Netherlands. Unemployment plays a big role, plus the fact that increasingly young people live in cities, where you don’t really need a car. And it is not strictly necessary that car ownership in the young segment will increase once the economy will expand again (if that is going to happen at all). Car sales in the Netherlands have fallen back to 1969 levels lately. An interesting aspect in this story is the rise of social media, email and chat programs. These days it is possible to ‘keep in touch’ without actually physically visiting a person. Young people may abandon the car (ownership rather), but they all are online with the latest gadgets. A smart phone is more important than owning a car. The car is no longer a status symbol and must have. A drivers license however is still important, which gives access to car driving, via car sharing or renting.



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