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Yats Wants Gas From Russia


“Ukraine needs to purchase additional five billion cubic meters of gas from Russia for the forthcoming winter season“, Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk said Friday.

Can Ukraine now survive without Russian gas? No, it can’t. How much Russian gas do we need to buy? About 5 billion cubic meters,” he said in an interview with Ukrainian TV channels.

He said that three-party gas talks, involving Ukraine, Russia and the European Union, are scheduled to take place next month.

I hope there will be some final stage to these talks,” he said.

He added that Kiev had reserved $3.1 billion for gas purchases in the National Bank of Ukraine.

On June 16, Russian gas giant Gazprom introduced a prepayment system for gas deliveries to Ukraine amid a dispute with Kiev over its $4.5 billion gas debt. The European Commission and Gazprom anticipate problems in winter, when Kiev is likely to run out of its own gas reserves. …

[] – Kiev Says Ukraine Needs 5 Bln Cubic Meters of Russian Gas for Winter

Editor: we predict that a possible delivery of the desired amount of gas will come with an additional non-financial price tag, if the gas will be delivered at all. We also predict that Russia will deliver fuel to Donbass at fire sale prices, giving the rest of the Ukraine something to think about. Like: “what again is the value of being a member of the western sphere of influence if we are freezing in our homes?

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