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What Became of Germany’s Solar Industry?

Solar World stock price

Germany kick-started the solar energy revolution, but lost the market of solar panels to the Chinese. Solarworld is the only remaining German big player that survived the producer massacre. Bosch, Siemens, Q Cells, Solon, Solar Millennium, Sovello, Conergy, Odersun either sold their activities, withdrew or went bust. The boom was enabled by lavish subsidies from the German government, so lavish that firms failed to to build competitive structures. And now that the global market finally takes off, German solar industry is nearly dead. Merely 5000 jobs remain, where China produces 60% of all modules. A few bright spots remain though:

Solarwatt – modules, inverters, carports and other niches
Manz – production lines for solar modules
Wacker-Chemie – high-grade silicon

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