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Agora Energiewende

Large resource with high quality documents about energy themes, both in English and German.

[] – Agore Energiewende, publications

A selection of the publications:


– Electricity storage in the German energy transition (summary) [pdf]
– Country profile on the Dutch power system (40p) [pdf]
– 12 Insights on Germany’s Energiewende [pdf]
– Demand response: what can we learn from California? [pdf]
– Benefits of Energy Efficiency on the German Power Sector [pdf]


– Neues!Stromkabel!nach!Norwegen:!„Positivsignal für die Energiewende“ [pdf]
– 12 Thesen zur Energiewende [pdf]
– Entwicklung der Windenergie in Deutschland [pdf]
– Nachfragesteuerung im deutschen Stromsystem – die unerschlossene Ressource für die Versorgungssicherheit [pdf]
– Stromspeicher in der Energiewende [pdf]


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