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Energy Efficiency Country Ranking

Country Energy Intensity (toe/million $)
Switzerland 122
Italy 123
Denmark 133
Austria 139
UK 141
Spain 143
Japan 154
Germany 164
France 171
Norway 172
Netherlands 172
Hungary 179
Belgium 206
Australia 208
Sweden 217
USA 222
China 231
South-Korea 238
Canada 293
Iceland 401
Russia 519
Ukraine 566

An interesting question in a world that is slowly running out of fossil fuel reserves is: how much energy does a country need to generate its wealth? The table gives the answer for a number of OECD countries, plus a few countries of special geopolitical interest. Keep in mind that geographical location has an inevitable influence on energy use; colder countries need more energy for space heating. The units in the right column represent tonnes of oil equivalent per million constant year 2000 international dollars.

Switzerland needs 1031 barrel of oil to generate 1 million $ income, Russia 4386.

[] – List of countries by energy intensity


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