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Garbage Disposal Units Introduced in the Netherlands

50% of US households own one (UK 6%, Canada 3%), but in Europe they are almost unknown: garbage disposal units. The idea is to get rid of all organic waste via the sink, not as usual via the trash can, where in the summer this wet material will start to rot and stink. In order not to clog your drain, the organic food left-overs needs to be grinded first. That’s where the garbage disposal unit comes in.

Yesterday-night, on the Dutch news (NOS), there was an item that on several locations (Sneek, Hengelo, Amsterdam & Apeldoorn) tests are starting to see if this method of garbage disposal could be introduced in the Netherlands as well. Getting rid of food waste hygienically is not the only motive; the grinded organic material can be isolated in the sewage processing unit and used as biomass for energy generation purposes.

[] – Je etensresten door het riool

[] – Garbage disposal unit

Alternatives for countries like Germany, where garbage disposal units are not allowed.

[] – De afvalvermaler (voedselvermaler): typisch Amerikaans in Nederland


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