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Russian Demographic Winter Halted in the Tracks


During the nineties, Russia suffered a catastrophic population decline, strongly correlated to the collapse of the economy and the sell-out of state assets to the US backed oligarchs. But in 2000, the oligarch Berezovski, who recently for good reason committed suicide, made the blunder of his life by promoting Wladimir Putin to become the new leader of Russia. Showing little gratitude to his backers, Putin started a war against the oligarchs and US interests and soon the oligarchs fled and found refuge in Britain or Israel. And at the same time, Wladimir Putin started to court Europe and Germany in particular, a relationship that became so cosy, that the US neo-con ruling political class opined that there was a real danger that some day Europe could change sides. The events in Kiev (CIA backed fascist coup + Kiev shooting MH17, coordinated with the US) then provided the opportunity for Washington to draw a red line and European cowards obeyed and went back in the Atlanticist ranks, but we digress.

Parallel to these foreign policy escapades, Wladimir Putin started a program to stop the decline of the Russian population in an already very sparsely populated enormous country. And it seems as if he is on the way to success. Over 2013, Russia for the first time had a small but positive demographic balance again. There is some cause for optimism that the population has reached a bottom at 143 million now and could climb to 150 million in 2030.

For details, see article below:

[] – Russian demographics: winter or spring…



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